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About Us

2020 Teknology is a Value Added Reseller and Systems Integrator committed to helping companies reduce application delivery costs and increase employee productivity. Our core competencies are configuring scalable and secure network infrastructure, cloud-based collaboration, and data center solutions.


2020 Teknology's mission is to serve each client’s unique needs by offering market insight, help navigate solution options and deliver objective advice.

2020 Teknology Resolutions:

    • Serve clients interests;
    • Offer market insight and valued perspectives;
    • Educate on new technology models and help navigate solution options;
    • Fun to do business; and,
    • Ease of purchasing.

Driving Principles:

        1. Extension of your team
        2. Reduce network complexity & improve manageability
        3. Exceed customer expectations

Delivery of enterprise applications is undergoing significant market change, for example, IDC estimates that by 2020 over 50% of enterprise business applications will be delivered through the cloud. Most of this delivery will be from a managed service or Software-as-a-Service provider. These new application delivery methods offer benefits to enterprise IT departments such as increased reliability, flexibility and scalability combined with minimal up front capital expenditures.

Similarly, IDC estimates over 50 Billion devices connected to the internet which includes laptops, mobile phones, and tablets. Employees and Customers demand access to information regardless of location or device.

As you embrace cloud and mobility solutions, your network becomes a strategic asset. An intelligent network provides fast, reliable and secure connectivity to employees, partners and customers.

2020 Teknology has the skills to help you deliver on this next generation infrastructure, which includes expertise across multiple technology disciplines, such as listed below.

  • Network infrastructure Solutions
  • Network Security
  • Cloud-based Collaboration
    • Voice
    • Video
    • Document sharing
  • BYOD
  • Data Center Computing

2020 Teknology is also helping companies support the workspace of the future; one that has no walls and knows no boundaries. The workspace of the future allows each employee access to information, from anywhere, at any time. This flexibility provides improved work-life balance and based on Gartner studies – improved productivity. As more of your employees telecommute, an additional significant benefit is reduced facility costs.

In the late 1970’s Microsoft revolutionized the Workspace with Windows Operating system and personal computing. Since then, the personal computer has been the single device on the desktop for accessing applications and sharing information.

Today, we are living in a Post-PC era, where we have access to more information on more devices from more applications than ever before, as shown below.


about image


The future workspace demands freedom from location and device. The market trends driving workspace freedom include:

    1. Employee Mobility
    2. Proliferation of Tablets and Smartphone’s
    3. Acceptance of video conferencing
    4. Telework – ability to be productive independent of location
    5. Social media generation entering workforce
    6. Cloud computing

While tablets may not displace your PC, their strength includes portability, convenience, and network mobility. Tablets are ideal for employees on the go; as they enable a richer conversation.

2020 Teknology has the skills to help you deliver on the workspace of the future promise, which includes expertise across multiple technology disciplines, such as listed below.

    1. BYOD
    2. Hosted Collaboration
    3. Wireless
    4. Network infrastructure Solutions
    5. Secure Data