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BYOD & Mobility Workshop


The average knowledge worker has three mobile devices and, according to The Aberdeen Group, best in class companies have found that supporting personal devices both increases employee productivity and reduces costs. The purpose of this workshop is to develop a BYOD deployment plan. Below is summary of workshop process.


Identify objectives, business requirements, and map out use cases. Discover and review existing policies, technology, and risk levels; determine mobility drivers; and discuss known information security challenges.

  • What is your BYOD strategy?
    • Do you agree that BYOD is about providing device freedom to employees or...?
    • BYOD business driver - instant access to people, information, ideas, ....?
  • How many corporate owned mobile devices?
  • What percentage of employees travel or telework?
  • How do employees reach out to one another today?
  • How do you track and manage mobile phone costs?
  • How is mobile workforce categorized?
  • How do employees or guest’s access wireless network today? What if with new device? Self service portal?
  • What level of application access do you want to provide?
    • Native
    • Browser – most popular and easiest to implement. Downside is data stored on device.
    • Virtual - evolving, especially with respect to mobile device GUI.

Evaluate infrastructure to identify gaps

  • Wired, wireless and VPN access
  • AP density
  • Security
  • Monitoring tools
  • Policy management

Develop high-level design and recommended solution, which includes gap analysis for a successful BYOD & mobility implementation.