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UCaaS Workshop


Our UCaaS Workshop addresses your business's need to more effectively share ideas, information, build trust, and increase productivity in your market with a dispersed workforce.

2020 Teknology can help your organization build ROI based on reduce travel costs, reduced facility costs, improved communications for remote locations and mobile users, enable remote teams to collaborate interactively online, and improve employee, customer, and partner communications. Below is summary of our workshop process.


We start by listening and working with your team to gain an understanding of your current communications capabilities as well as your corporate culture. Then we identify objectives, business requirements, and map out use cases on how employees collaborate. If appropriate, we will evaluate your infrastructure and document your networks performance baseline and capabilities gaps for supporting your collaboration solution.

Based on the workshops defined objectives, we will work iteratively with you to address the following areas:

  • Design a collaboration solution that integrates into a single client that is supported on any device including desktop, laptop, tablet (iPad, Android, etc) and smartphone (iPhone, Android, etc):
    • Presence
    • Instant Messaging (IM)
    • Voice
    • Video
    • Voice Messaging
    • Desktop Sharing
    • Conferencing (audio and web)
  • Enable your staff to find the right people, see if they are available, and their preferred method of communications
  • Develop a Web conferencing solution enabling the sharing documents and ideas anytime, anywhere. The solution can support your BYOD strategy.
  • Develop a Video conferencing solution to unify your teams, provide highly engaged customer service, and train employees or customers. The solution will speed decision making, reduce travel costs, transform business processes, and be greener by reducing CO2 emissions
  • Develop a strategy to maintain corporate culture and imbue guiding principles with a global and distributed workforce


Once the workshop is completed, we will create high-level design of a recommended and cost-effective collaboration solution that meets your business and culture objectives.