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Infrastructure Solutions

In today's competitive business landscape, your network is not simply a set of hardware components; it is an intelligent platform that directly impacts the success of your business. Your success relies on quick access to data, voice and video applications that are mission critical to an organizations operation. An intelligent network provides fast, reliable and secure connectivity to employees and customers.

about picIt provides the platform for campus, branch, data center and wide-area networks to deliver critical business and communications applications. 2020 Teknology can help design and implement the best solution to meet your business objectives.

Our engineers have decades of combined experience in the development of technology solutions that meet our customers’ business needs and goals. We pride ourselves on developing and understanding your business requirements and iteratively work with you to develop the most suitable solutions.

Below is a sample reference architecture diagram of an infrastructure supporting Virtual Desktops located in multiple branch offices.



Below is a summary of our Infrastructure Solution expertise:

Core Data Center Architecture

  • Highly available and resilient Cisco Systems centric routing and switching solutions
  • Nexus Data Center Architecture
    • Virtualized segmentation
    • 10G and aggregated 10G data paths
    • In-service software upgradeable core
  • Catalyst Layer 3 switches
  • Integrated server resources utilizing Cisco's Unified Computing Systems
    • 10G and multi-10G data paths
    • Integrated Ethernet and Fiber Channel data paths

Wireless Network Solutions

  • Consistent, reliable, manageable and secure wireless network access to both employee and guests
  • Support the BYOD trend and the growing influx of mobile devices
  • Security policies can be created and enforced based on each users context - wired or wireless, employee or guest, corporate owned asset or personal asset and many other parameters
  • Provides ability to tie security access policy to personal mobile devices
  • Business-relevant policies can easily be created and enforced consistently from the HQ office to each remote office

Application and Content availability

  • Application load balancing
    • High-availability
    • Performance Optimization
    • Fault tolerant Application presentation
  • SSL Off-loading
    • Increased security
    • Reduction of server Load

Wide Area Network Solutions

  • Application specific WAN optimization
    • Reduction of WAN based Traffic
    • Increased application response time
    • Improved end user experience and productivity
  • Wide Area Network Design
    • Dynamic routing solutions focused on high availability

2020 Teknology offers complimentary Infrastructure workshops and assessments to see what it will take to enhance your network to meet your business requirements.