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Network Security

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution because no customer environment is the same, resources to implement recommendations vary, and there is rarely a common “reference architecture” for the ideal outcome.

2020 Teknology assessment methodology delivers achievable, prioritized recommendations finely tuned to your most pressing concerns, while considering your timeframe, budgetary constraints, and the need to maximize existing investments.

We start by working with your team to define a customized Capabilities Model (CM) – a mapping of your relevant security policy and business requirements to the specific security controls and to the people, process, and technologies needed to achieve your goals. The CM assigns relative weights to each requirement, reflecting its importance to your overall IT risk program. Once defined, it is used as a framework to ensure buy-in from all stakeholders, focus information-gathering, and serve as the baseline reference for gap analysis and recommendations.


Cloud Siege: Cloud Architecture, Compliance, and Security Assessments
As enterprises make the move to all forms of “cloud environments”, many questions arise:

  • Does Cloud mean virtualized?
  • What is the difference between Public, Private, Hybrid, IaaS, and SaaS?
  • How can I be assured my cloud service provider is HIPAA or PCI certified?
  • What does multi-tenant really mean?
  • Are my applications secure from the network or others in my Cloud instance?

2020 Teknology Cloud Siege service offers a variety of capabilities that take a multidisciplinary approach to addressing cloud compliance requirements, and harmonizing them across multiple control frameworks. This strategic analysis is then supported and verified by technical assessments which vet the capabilities of: Infrastructure-as-a-Service Providers (IaaS) Platform-as-a-Service Providers (PaaS) Software as a service Providers (SaaS) as well as all flavors of public, private and hybrid cloud deployments.

Network Security & Visibility
Faster network speeds and data feeds make it challenging for legacy security and monitoring tools to keep up. The threats of DDoS and new flavors of APT leave few viable network based security options.

  • How can you maintain a strong security posture without an enterprise-wide refresh?

2020 Teknology’s team of security experts assist customers in developing a strategic solution that will enable your organization to continue utilizing legacy tools, refresh current infrastructures, plan migrations to the next-gen network security and monitoring solutions.

We offer customers:

  • Gap & Risk analysis
  • Technical Assessments
  • Network Security Architecture & Deployments
  • Technical Impact Analysis
  • Continuous Monitoring Capabilities

Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and Proxy
In today’s complex data-centric environments, the use of traditional firewall/IPS/AV technologies is simply not enough. The prevalence of security2encrypted social media and sharing technologies such as Dropbox, Gmail, and Skype create an impermeable membrane of potential covert data channels all which can be used to exfiltrate data from your environment.

Take control of your visibility and data flows with Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and content filtering technologies. These forms of tech-enable advanced network management, user service, security functionality as well as internet data mining, lawful intercept (LI) and information management.

Our team of information security specialists can assist your organization define, scope and architect an appropriate DPI solution taking into consideration your specific technical needs and privacy constraints.

DPI will help your organization:

  • Provide visibility into previously ephemeral data streams
  • Correlate disparate forms of relevant intelligence effectively finding “the needle in the haystack”
  • Connect all of the "digital dots" by analyzing all types of communications - be it mass metadata, call records, voice conversations, webmail, web search, text messaging, social media, and more
  • Perform Big Data scale Traffic Analysis and Retention

Malware Analysis & Interdiction
From Botnet’s to spear-phishing scams and targeted advanced persistent threats (APTs), the threat surface of your enterprise has just become nearly impossible to map. There are now more than 24 million strains of unique malware on the internet; how do you defend against those targeting you?

2020 Teknology information security experts understand the unique threat landscape presented by next-gen cyber-attack, system disruption and corporate espionage tools.

Our team:

  • Understands the threat surface, actors, and TTP (Tools, Technology, Procedures)
  • Maintains partnerships with leading technology vendors within the Malware analysis and remediation space
  • Have extensive malware interdiction and incident response experience

We help you detect, identify and understand the nature of the threats specific to your organization. From there we craft the appropriate tactical technical responses based on the scope and potential impact. To deal with other modern threats posed by threat actors and the malware they employ, we can assist you choose and deploy remediation tools.

Penetration Testing & Application Assessments
External threats are constantly evolving with the flow of business and technology. As companies leverage new technologies, their exposure to risk grows. Improperly secured networks, hosts, and applications are attack surfaces that can be exploited. Any successful attack on an organization results in the loss of confidentiality, integrity, or availability of critical data and services.

Our penetration testing service is designed to help organizations understand their external information security posture by identifying weaknesses within information systems and applications. Our team operates from the perspective of an attacker to attempt unauthorized access to your environment.

  • Network Security Gap Analysis and Technical Assessment
  • Attack and Penetration Services: Physical, Host, Cloud, Network, Application,
  • Application, Network and System Architecture Analysis
  • Enterprise Risk Assessment & Analysis
  • Mobile Security: Applications, Endpoint, Management
  • Physical Security: Assessments and Implementations
  • Vulnerability Assessment, Analysis and Scanning Services
  • Wireless Audits, Assessments, Architecture and Design

Security Threat Intelligence & Brand Protection
The network defender needs to defend all assets and cover all security holes. The aggressor needs only to find one. At one time, these were insurmountable odds, however the times are changing.

2020 Teknology STI and CBP (Cyber Brand Protection) services can give you the requisite visibility into your networks threat profile.

Who, What, Where, Why???
Learn who is attacking you, what they are finding, where they are coming from, why they are attacking.

Find out what tools, technologies and procedures are used by your cyber-enemies in order to better defend your environment and most critically, your intellectual property.

  • All-Source & Open-source Intelligence Assessments
  • Security Intelligence Threat Fusion Analysis
  • Risk & Threat-based Intelligence Analysis
  • All source & OSINT Intelligence Assessments
  • Social Media Research and Analysis

2020 Teknology offers complimentary Network Security and Compliance workshops and security assessments to assist you with understanding these security challenges.

Contact us to request a complimentary Network Security and Compliance workshop and security assessment to see what it will take to enhance your network security to answer the “Who, What, Where, and Why” security questions.