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Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)

UCaaS is about how to more effectively share ideas, information, build trust, and increase productivity in a global market with a dispersed workforce. Collaboration is equal parts: process, culture, and technology.

In this post-PC era more organizations are seeking a new collaboration experience that is inherently more mobile, social, visual, and virtual. Give your employees, customers, and partner’s vehicles to instantly contact you, interact, and conduct business - through the communications channels they prefer to achieve their business objectives.

Have you thought about the answers to the following questions?

  • Is employee travel time too frequent or expensive?
  • How do I manage communications for remote locations and mobile users?
  • How do I enable our remote teams to collaborate interactively online?
  • How can I improve employees, customers, and partner’s communications?
  • How can I offer customer support services through social media?

2020 Teknology offers Collaboration Applications and services that extend your business relevancy by providing rich, contextual, interactive environment that puts people, not applications or devices, in the center of collaboration.

collaboration2Utilize the industry-leading collaboration platform, web conferencing, and anywhere productivity tools to help accelerate innovation and improve decision making within your organization.

And the device-independent approach enables your users to take advantage of the same tools and experience on their choice of devices, whether a PC, an iPhone, Android, or other device. Enable your staff to communicate more securely and effectively both inside and outside your network with integrated tools that connect email, instant messaging, conferencing, presence, voice, and voice mail.

Single Client Solutions
2020 Teknology can help your team gain the freedom to be productive from anywhere, on any device. We offer solutions that integrate presence, instant messaging (IM), voice, video, voice messaging, desktop sharing, and conferencing into a single client. Our solutions can enable you to find the right people, see if they are available, and their preferred method of communications.

Web Meetings
Web conferencing is a proven technology that every organization has implemented to some extent due to clear benefits of sharing documents and ideas anytime, anywhere. The challenge is how does web conferencing integrate into your collaboration strategy? For example, does your web conferencing solution support your BYOD strategy?

Video Conferencing
How do you encourage new work ideas and innovation? No matter where your experts are located, they can put their heads together to develop good ideas into great ideas. 2020 Teknology can design video solutions that offer the easiest and most dynamic way for distributed employees to work together. It's where talent and technology meet.

Not only can you bring experts together to solve problems on the fly, but you can also use the TelePresence solution to unify your teams, provide highly engaged customer service, and train employees or customers. Training sessions may be captured and distributed so employees may watch at their convenience.

Frequent video participants report saving at least two hours weekly, with one-third reporting at least one day saved per week. TelePresence solutions can help your organization save money, improve work-life balance for employees, increase your competitive advantage, and bring people closer together.


The benefits of TelePresence include:

  • Speed decision making
  • Reduce travel costs
  • Transform business processes
  • Be greener by reducing CO2 emissions

Corporate Social Networking Solutions
Companies are struggling with how to maintain corporate culture and imbue guiding principles with a global and distributed workforce. Many companies have implemented web portals, such as SharePoint, to encourage teamwork and collaboration. A new breed of SaaS collaboration portals have emerged which include Personal Pathways, Jive, and SocialText. Another vehicle for disseminating corporate values and important messages is with digital signage.

2020 Teknology offers complimentary collaboration workshops to assist you with defining your collaboration business requirements, understanding the challenges collaboration poses on the network and the business trends that are driving collaboration adoption.

Contact us to request a Collaboration Workshop to see what it will take to enhance your network to address these questions to meet your collaboration business requirements.