Have you ever been on a collaborative web meeting and you find yourself the victim of poor audio quality that causes an echo to the rest of your peers?
If not, then go buy a lottery ticket; otherwise, you are part of the ninety-nine percenters that have experienced poor call quality.
Similarly, has your video image or the content that you are sharing frozen?

We have helped organizations solve these frustrations with a few simple techniques as listed below.

The number one villain for call echo is poor quality laptop microphones! Typical laptop mics do not have noise cancellation features so echo occurs. Our tips below will keep you from being “that guy” or “that woman” on the call.

  • Utilize a quality headset
  • Join audio with a mobile device.  If you do this, ensure that your laptop MIC and speakers are both muted.

2020 Tek Video Conferencing

The evil stepsister to poor audio quality is frozen visual images. The unfortunate experience of your video image freezing on a not so flattering facial expression is far too common. An equally frustrating experience is the presentation freezing on shared content or receiving the black screen of “have everyone exit the meeting and rejoin.” Either of these scenarios is an inconvenience, waste of time, productivity, and possibly loss of revenue.

  • Understand your bandwidth utilization and availability.
    • Most applications look for at least a steady 2Mbs download speed
    • To send video and audio back into a conference you need at least 2Mbs upload speed
    • Be aware of what else might be affecting your network when your meeting. Do not stream videos or download files in the background.
    • When possible use a wired network connection instead of a wireless connection. Wired connected always provide a more consistent connection.
    • Check your bandwidth using sites like speedtest.net to verify your connection
  • Utilize Collaboration applications that allow you to pre-upload content into a meeting to minimize upload requirements with screen sharing.

If you have any questions about your cloud-based communications, please contact us to learn more or set up a meeting.