In today’s complex environment, the cybersecurity landscape is changing. The prevalence of social media and sharing technologies such as Facebook, Dropbox, Gmail, and Skype are creating channels that can be used to exfiltrate data from your environment. Cybersecurity trends are evolving, with the focus switching from protection to containment and remediation. So if you accept the fact that bad actors can access your network, what should you do?

Our resident cybersecurity geek Patrick Connor offers some preventive steps.


  1. NGFW – Don’t make it easy!
    1. Deploying next generation firewall provides comprehensive protection at the front door.
    2. Utilize NGFW functionality to control Web and application traffic
  2. Secure Critical Data – Don’t have all the eggs in one basket!
    1. Network Segmentation – stop horizontal movement to critical apps and data
      1. From network edge (NGFW)
      2. Across enterprise network (ISFW)
      3. In public clouds (Virtual NGFW)
    2. Encryption – data at rest and in motion
  3. Multi-factor Authentication — Know who is actual logging in. Basic passwords are easy to
    compromise utilizing an MFA solution can eliminate 24% of malware…some say as high as 56%
  4. Security Awareness Training — Your people can be the easiest way IN! Phishing and social
    engineering schemes account for 93% of breaches, according to an industry leading analytics report.
  5. SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) – See what is happening and how it affects
    your environment from a single pane of glass. SIEM provides deep automated visibility and
    correlation, detection and mitigation at speed and scale.
  6. Vulnerability Management – Vulnerabilities provide path to identify application backdoors, malicious code and other threats that may exist in network hardware, purchased software or internally developed applications. The vast majority of attacks are against known vulnerabilities, hence be sure to have process in place for patch management & vulnerability scanning.

We’d love to help you define, scope and architect an appropriate solution for your specific cybersecurity needs and privacy constraints. Our experts know how to deal with the unique threat landscape presented by next generation cyber-attacks and corporate espionage tools.

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