SDWAN is not just a buzzword anymore, 2020 Teknology has proven there are not only valid business reasons to adopt this emerging technology, but also has the expertise to work with you to migrate your network to an SD-WAN architecture.

  • If your company has an objective to embrace the cloud and/or improve service delivery in the following ways….
  • Lower telecom costs
    • Enhance user experience through improved application performance
    • More reliable connectivity with additional redundancy
    • Move security to the edge
    • Improve visibility and manageability of the WAN

Then Let 2020 Teknology show you the way.

Steps to Consider:

  • Technical
    • How does a Smart WAN integrate with your existing services and LAN based networks? SD-WAN smarts are at the client remote connection.
    • The more information you know about what applications traverse your network, where it is coming from and where it is going, the faster SDWAN can be deployed. Otherwise, a less expedient and learn as you go approach to policy creation will be
    • Define the use cases and determine if the applications integrate with the intelligent nature of SDWAN.
  • Telecom
    • Existing Circuits / Managed Services / Service Provider contracts could cause issues when adopting an SD-WAN architecture. Make sure your existing service providers support SD-WAN and the utilization of the required transport methods.
    • Investigate broadband availability and associated costs at each of your remote offices. You may be surprised at what is and is not available in some locations.
  • Operational
    • Do you or your service providers have the skills to manage SDWAN for you?2020Teknology does! Ask about our Managed Services offerings.
    • Are the application suites known well enough to successfully migrate to an SDWAN solution that operate at the application layer and not the IP layer?
    • When adopting sophisticated technologies like SD-WAN, it requires an expanded skill set to successfully deploy and manage.

Any of the above sound familiar?  Thinking you could benefit from our expertise? Drop us a line.