James Alder

Senior Director, Customer Success and Support

James started his career as a business economist, where he learned much about business financials, investments, ROIs, and other financial analytics used in decision-making. Years later, James discovered IT and focused on software programming, database server administration, applications, and their back-end processes.

James later fell in love with networking and pursued opportunities with large enterprises as a network architect. He completed multiple industry certifications and performed major upgrades of networks, supporting very large government and commercial customers in the areas of core routing and switching and security, such as NGFW firewalls/data assurance, wireless, SaaS, unified communications, and collaboration.

Over the years, James has been a part of several startups and has also worked for several employers, supporting multiple customers by providing network support services to very large, global organizations.

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Jim Ewald

Senior Director, Engineering

Jim is proficient in the design, implementation, and operations of secured information-technology systems and services. His areas of deep understanding include technology infrastructure utility (network, servers, storage, data center), service operations, security risk detection and protection, user interface technology, cloud services adoption, web hosting, data analysis, and collaboration systems.

As building blocks to his current expertise, Jim filled roles as a CAD operator, electrical engineer, process designer, network engineer, systems manager, and software programmer of both machine control and data management systems. He then moved on to work in the financial industry, where he concurrently directed investment-banking IT operations, ITIL adoption, and multiple corporate-merger integrations. He then moved on to help multiple organizations consolidate, modernize, and outsource IT infrastructure and support services.

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Patrick Connor

CTO & Senior Solutions Architect

Patrick delivers business solutions using leading-edge technology. For more than 25 years, he has engineered, secured, and deployed large-scale data center, LAN, and WAN infrastructures. He has worked in the transaction-processing field, as well as consulted with many government departments, several agencies, and a wide range of commercial businesses. Patrick works with the technology and business teams to understand business and application drivers and produce solutions that meet business requirements and provide efficiencies and ease of management.

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Tony Intrabartolo

Director, Collaboration Engineering

Tony’s skills include unified communications as a service (UCaaS), video conferencing design and integration, Voice over IP system design, communications needs assessment, deployment, and adoption, and audio and video network design.

Tony has been working in the video conferencing and communication industry since his start at PictureTel in 1996. In 1999 he moved on to Tandberg, continuing with the company through the Cisco acquisition as a managing engineer at the Executive Briefing Center, North America. In 2015, he took the role of Senior Manager for Collaboration for Under Armour Inc., operating the global telephony, video, and customer service technology. Tony joined 20/20 Teknology in 2015 to help lead the collaboration business and technologies team. He has spent the last two years consulting and designing communications solutions for 20/20’s clients.

Over 20 years of experience has provided Tony with a unique perspective on the technologies and best practices in the industry, allowing him to expertly advise on how to create solutions that boost ROI and create better user experiences.

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