Reference 1: Fauquier County Government

20/20 Teknology has been providing Fauquier County, Virginia, with IT Infrastructure architecture and deployment services since 2012. An example of one project is provided below.

Challenge: Fauquier IT management wanted to ensure they were providing an optimal service to their customers.

Solution: 20/20 Teknology was awarded a contract to perform an IT Infrastructure Assessment to review the current systems, applications, storage, backups, network, and infrastructure performance. The goal of the assessment and analysis was to better understand the current state of each of these defined technical areas in order to identify areas for improvement and implement best practices. The recommendations were made based on the goals of improving performance, security, capacity, availability, and ease of use.

Result: To improve security posture, the recommendations included replacing legacy firewalls with next-generation firewalls. View the Case Study Success Story video produced by Fortinet.

Another recommendation was to upgrade wireless access points for improved performance. 20/20 Teknology configured and installed both the Fortinet firewalls and wireless access points.

More recently, Fauquier County added 20/20 TeK NOC monitoring services. The driving force was twofold:

  • 20/20 TeK’s 24x7x365 NOC and automation services with certified staff
  • The FBI’s National Crime Information Center database requires centralized monitoring with one year of log storage.

The 20/20 TeK NOC helped Fauquier County meet its requirements without needing to hire more resources.

“For courteous, professional, team interactions with our own staff and insightful technology or business recommendation, we work with 20/20 Teknology.”

– Sean Lachance, Assistant Director, Information Technology

Reference 2: AARP

20/20 Tek has been providing network and network security solutions and services to AARP for more than seven years.

Challenge: Executive leadership was concerned about cybersecurity breaches and their potential impact on the AARP brand and member list. IT Leadership initiated a project to procure and deploy a modern security platform that would detect and block sophisticated attacks, as well as enforce granular security policy at the application level instead of at the traditional port and protocol level.

Risks: Because of concern about the impact on production (because all applications pass through the firewalls), this migration to the new platform required significant analysis and testing. In addition, AARP had 3000+ firewall policies that needed to be validated, modified, or removed.

Solution: AARP hired 20/20 Teknology to ensure a successful migration by:

  1. Defining and classifying next-generation firewall requirements
  2. Defining business requirements
  3. Defining LAN segmentation requirements
  4. Conducting a vendor analysis and pilot
  5. Configuring, testing, deploying, and retesting

After a six-month evaluation, AARP selected the Fortinet UTM firewall, based on performance, effectiveness, and price. To meet the executive timeline, 20/20 Tek engineers quickly moved on the project and validated existing rules, defined objects and elements, cleaned up each policy set by removing any un-used or incorrectly defined elements or objects, converted existing Juniper configurations to Fortinet format, and prepared new device by upgrading each Fortigate firewall with the recommended FortiOS software.

20/20 Tek also assisted the AARP network team in reviewing and preparing all network infrastructure changes required for the deployment of the new Fortigate firewalls and the FortiAnalyzer Appliance, as well as configuring all required ancillary services and functions, including Network Time Protocol, DNS services, AAA services, Syslog and SNMP reporting and monitoring, and provided Day 2 support after each cutover.

Result: 20/20 Tek improved AARP’s security posture by segmenting network traffic and deploying Fortigate 3700s in the Maryland data center and Fortigate 1500s and 300s in both the California data center and the Washington, DC, headquarters campus. To ensure long-term success, 20/20 Tek provided detailed network topology diagrams, created reference sheet for troubleshooting, and provided hands-on training.

“What I like about 20/20 is they don’t just try to sell me something; they take the time to understand our environment, our challenges and then work with us to solve.”

– Tolu Adu, Network Architect

Reference 3: Loudoun Water

Loudoun Water provides drinking water and wastewater services to more than 75,000 households in Loudoun County, Virginia. 20/20 Teknology was chosen to assist in the process of assessing their current communications platforms, participate in the composing and selection process of their UCaaS RFP, and act as an extension of the Loudoun Water IT team to deploy and support the new solution.

Challenge:  Loudoun Water, headquartered in Ashburn, Virginia, with 16 remote locations, had an Avaya phone system, which was costly, difficult to manage, and lacked many features, such as unified messaging and mobility.

Solution: 20/20 Teknology was selected to lead the upgrade effort. Phase one requirements definition determined Loudoun Water wanted a modern unified communications system delivered as-a-service that provided the following functionalities:

  • Presence
  • IM/Chat
  • Video
  • Support for all user devices, including PC, laptop, tablet, and smartphones.
  • Ease of management

20/20 Tek assisted Loudoun Water with market research, ROI analysis, and vendor selection, and then led deployment and training.

Result:  Loudoun Water had an organized, seamless migration to Fuze, complete with documentation and training materials for future reference. Loudoun Water’s management and staff are extremely satisfied with the performance and value. 20/20 Teknology has proven to be a respected and trusted advisor and continues to support and enable Loudoun Water through new design changes as requirements evolve over time.

“Your prompt response and assistance are top notch, and it’s definitely one of the reasons that we value our partnership with 20/20.”

— Mike Beardslee, Director IT

Reference 4: Marriott Corporation

Challenge: The Marriott reservation system network was an outdated MPLS hub-and-spoke design, which required all traffic to be routed through their primary data center in Maryland. The franchise property owners demanded improved application and network performance. Marriott hired 20/20 Teknology to architect its network of the future.

Solution: The design requirements included 4000 simultaneous VPN tunnels and five 9s of uptime. 20/20 Tek architected a policy-driven DMVPN network with backup site and tertiary backup via LTE. As shown in the diagram below, the design was built on Cisco ASR 1002xes for DMVPN termination, with four DMVPN hubs to support their 4000 hotel properties.

  1. DMVPN hub (East) in Ashburn, Virginia, as the primary VPN access in the East Region
  2. DMVPN hub (West) in San Jose, California, as the primary VPN access in the West Region
  3. Backup Hub (Backup) in Chicago
  4. Tertiary Hub (Mobile) in Dallas, Texas, with 4G LTE VPN access

Result: Some of the benefits include:

  • Design based on Cisco SDN best practices
  • Design provided geographic redundancy and exceeded five 9s of uptime
  • Utilized Certificate Authority for secure VPN connections and ease of management
  • Provided the Marriott reservation system with significantly better network connectivity and throughput that translated into much faster application performance
  • Cisco SDN technology, utilizing the APIC-EM at its core, provided major automation functions that allowed network updates and changes to be pushed out very quickly and without any human error.

“20/20 Tek is an easy company to do business with. They are dedicated to a very personal level of service that helps to build a business relationship.”

— Steve Steiner, Director Networks

Reference 5: Brivo

Brivo provides a platform that combines the best cloud access-control technology and customer service to deliver better security. 20/20 Teknology was selected by Fuze as the professional service partner to implement the Fuze platform for both the domestic and international locations.

Challenge: Brivo needed an integrated unified communications platform that could support its U.S. and international locations.

Solution: Brivo selected Fuze for its global and integrated voice, video, and web conferencing cloud solution. 20/20 Teknology led the migration to Fuze, including design and integration of their call center platform. Migration steps included project plan, network assessment, call flows, DID migration, and site readiness for successful cutover and user adoption.

Result: Brivo has successfully migrated to Fuze, and the company is beginning to phase out siloed applications.

“The 20/20 Teknology team ensured a seamless implementation of our new Fuze phone system.  In particular, we really enjoyed working with Stephanie. She has a thorough understanding of the product and process and was an absolute pleasure to work with.”

— Lori Trimailo, Project Manager

Reference 6: Golden Corral

Golden Corral is a restaurant chain with more than 40 corporate-run locations nationwide. 20/20 Teknology was brought on by Fuze as the professional service partner to implement the Fuze platform for Golden Corral.

Challenge: Golden Corral wanted to move from its archaic, on-premises telephony system (which hadn’t been touched in roughly two decades and had no existing call flow or user documentation) to a new cloud-based, unified communications platform that could support HQ, all corporate restaurants, and, optionally, the franchise restaurants.

Solution: 20/20 Teknology led the migration in a phased approach:

  • Phase 1: Migrate roughly 20 restaurants to Fuze. This included developing a project plan for implementation; leading the design effort for network readiness and call flows, based on best practices; and ensuring a successful cutover of each restaurant, with no impact on day-to-day operations.
  • Phase 2: Migrate the HQ location. This effort included extensive call-flow design work, capturing various specific user needs, network design, training, and cutover support.
  • Phase 3: Migrate the remaining 20 restaurants and various franchise locations to Fuze, utilizing the repeatable process developed in Phase 1, enabling Golden Corral to take more of a lead role for their own migrations.

Result: Golden Corral restaurants migrated to Fuze seamlessly. The HQ migration went very smoothly. This was a big achievement for both Golden Corral and 20/20 Teknology due to the significant challenges experienced during the design phase. 20/20 Teknology worked closely with HQ staff to ensure user adoption success and provided on-site on-the-job training.

“You all rock. I will leverage your services for all implementations.”

— Kim Chapman, CEO Network Contractor, company supporting Golden Corral